Phoenix is the city known for its stunning desert landscapes and fiery sunsets. Our team at Lashing Out Loud is here to help you stand out in the hot and competitive world of eyelash extensions. Our expert trainers will guide you through the latest techniques and trends in lash extensions, ensuring that you leave our program feeling confident and skilled. Just as the colors of the Phoenix sunset are unique and unforgettable, our training is one-of-a-kind, designed to set you apart from the competition. So come join us in the Valley of the Sun and take your first step in Lashing Out Loud!

Professional Eyelash Extension Training

We only use LIVE models in our professional training! You can’t learn this beautiful technique using a mannequin head. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. It has been known for many years that giving each customer a level of service above their expectations is an essential strategy for all businesses. Eyelash training is no exception. We always strive for a 5-star, top-notch experience. As you may know, our professional classes consist of 2 segments.

Our first part of training is the business side of lashing. We cover the different lengths, widths, and curls of eyelash extensions. You learn the classic, hybrid, and volume techniques. Marketing, customer service, starting a business, credit card processing, and insurance are some of the many things we offer during class.

The second half of training is the LIVE, hands-on segment. You will have a LIVE model and you will do her eyelash extensions. You learn the true professional application process, lash removal, sanitation, adding colored lashes, and much more.

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