Health, Safety, Hygiene and Sanitation

We recommend all stylists become Barbicide Certified. It’s free.

Because we only use LIVE models in our professional trainings, we take health, safety, hygiene and sanitation very seriously. We require all stylists to wash their hands thoroughly prior to servicing clients and immediately afterwards. Stylists are required to wash both hands with an antibacterial soap for a minimum of 45 seconds and rinse thoroughly with warm water for at least another 45 seconds and dry them completely. Only use disposable towels to dry your hands completely.

You should also wash your hands if they become soiled, after blowing your nose, after eating, smoking, using the restroom and after coming in contact with paperwork and money.

• Cleaning: Using warm water and soap. This method helps to eliminate surface particles.

• Sanitizing: Using alcohol-based products to eliminate and reduce bacteria.

• Disinfecting: Using products that contain Barbicide or Germicides, reduce bacteria to a safe level.

• Sterilizing: This method is the most effective in terms of killing all living organisms on hard surfaces.

Always sanitize your workstation, supplies, and yourself.

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Daily Lash Sanitation Checklist

1.Throw out any reusable tools immediately after use. (mascara wands, gel pads, etc.)

2.Use alcohol or warm water and soap to clean reusable tools. (neck rest, glue tray, etc.)

3.Rinse the tools in clean water to remove all residues.

4.Use fresh disinfectant like Barbicde on the cleaned tools. Remember to follow the instructions on the disinfectant properly

5.Rinse the servicing tools in clean water

6.Let them air dry.

7.Store the tools in a closed container or cover them up with a clean cloth.

Taking the time out to clean your workstation and tools is an integral part of your day to day duties. We suggest that you allow a 10 to 15 minutes space in between each lash service for cleaning and disinfecting routines