Lash Extensions FAQ

With regular maintenance, professionally applied eyelash extensions are everlasting!

Only a trained professional can apply eyelash extensions!

No. When applied correctly, they do not damage your natural lashes.

Please call us directly for information on becoming a professional lash stylist.

To keep your lashes beautiful and full, we recommend having them refilled every 2-3 weeks.

Yes, but your mascara cannot have oil. Never use waterproof mascara.

Yes, but you must wait 48 hours after service to ensure the adhesive is completely cured.

Yes, you can swim, shower, workout and wear makeup with professionally applied lash extensions.

Synthetic lash extensions are old school and generally no longer used in the industry. We only use faux mink lash extensions. Faux mink lashes mimic your natural lashes and are feather light. Your clients will love them!

We recommend having your lashes filled regularly with a professional stylist every 2-3 weeks!

Less is more. Act like they are your natural lashes. Clean them daily and fluff through them with your mascara wand and leave them alone!!!