3 Eyelash Extension Myths Busted Today

Getting eyelash extensions is uncomfortable, and there’s a danger they’ll fall out and never grow back. We’re here to make the record right since you trust us as your beauty experts. Considering that we also provide lash lifts and tints in addition to lash extensions, you can see that we are well-versed in the industry,  and will clear all the myths about eyelash extensions.


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  • Myth 1:If you stop obtaining extensions, your natural lashes may flatten down and perhaps get shorter.

Putting eyelash extensions on does not influence how the eyelashes develop on their own, either while the wings are on or after they are removed. False eyelashes may make your natural lashes seem thinner or shorter. However, this is most likely not the case. You’ll become accustomed to waking up with longer, fuller, darker, and curlier lashes.

 When you remove your eyelash extensions, you may notice that your natural lashes are thinner and shorter. You don’t have to worry about the extensions changing the thickness or length of your natural lashes when you enroll yourself in Lash Course Denver, CO. You had to get accustomed to them when you initially put them on. You’ll have to adjust to not wearing them. You might also maintain your appointments to get an extension.

  • Myth 2:The eyelash extension is causing a hypersensitive response.

True, a tiny percentage of persons who receive eyelash extensions may develop an allergy to one of the ingredients used during the process. The most severe form of this sickness is known as EDEMA.

When done correctly learnt from Lash Course Chicago IL, eyelash extensions do not contact the skin. It’s more probable that a chemical that came into contact with the skin was to blame .Our eyes have the thinnest and most delicate skin on our bodies. This increases the likelihood of irritation or inflammation.

  • Myth 3:Eyelash glue may contain formaldehyde.

Lash glues do not include formaldehyde in their formulation. Because it is a dry gas, it cannot be consumed and must be avoided in the preparation. However, as lash adhesives degrade, they may emit formaldehyde. However, for this to have any impact on natural lashes, it would have to happen over MONTHS. According to eyelash extension experts of Lash Course St Louis MO, natural lash extensions typically last between sixty and seventy-five days at most. 

 It is dry when formaldehyde is in a gaseous condition. As a result, although being a natural ingredient, it has never been employed in a beauty product. The body breathes out formaldehyde. It might be present in organically cultivated food. Our bodies produce formaldehyde, which is subsequently used in biochemistry to create proteins and other chemicals. However, even if we are exposed to highly minute quantities as the glue degrades, the amount we are told to during lash application is negligible.


Every cosmetic surgery has the same dangers, but as lash artists, we’re fortunate that only a tiny percentage of our customers have adverse reactions. Be cautious if the individual having their lashes done begins to feel uncomfortable or detects changes in their appearance.

Also, like in any sector, certain service providers lack the necessary skills and competence, harming the reputation of the rest of the workforce. This item should be put on your lash pages or stored in your lounge so you can immediately access it if you’re ever questioned about it. To have a protective eyelash extension that will not harm your eyes take admission in Lash Course St Louis MO.


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