Save these tips! If you are a getting new eyelash extension.

Lash extensions are the perfect complement to your fashion! We know how much you like how easy they make it to extend and thicken your lashes. Eyelash Extension Course St Louis MO prepared a list of lash maintenance suggestions so you can get the most out of your extensions up until your next lash fill appointment.

 Eyelash Extension Course St Louis MO
Do not allow your eyelashes to get wet.

Avoid getting your new lashes wet, even with sweat, to ensure the glue cures properly. Avoid hot showers, spas, saunas, and other places where there is a lot of steam. If it’s hot and muggy, stay out of the sun. For the first 24-36 hours, keep your eyelashes as dry as possible to set the glue up correctly. Lash Course St Louis MO will teach you all the techniques and tricks to master lash extensions like a professional.

Brush Your Eyelashes Frequently to Keep Them Clean.

You keep your beautiful lashes looking wonderful, be sure to comb them often using a spoolie. If you brush them to keep them from clumping, they will seem nice and clean. Brush them gently throughout the day to keep them looking their best.

While cleaning your face, use caution.

Although it’s not mandatory, keeping your eyelash extensions as dry as you can when washing your face may help them stay longer. Cleaning your face often is possible as long as you are cautious around your eyes. Be careful when removing eye makeup with oil-based cleaners, as this may reduce the glue’s ability to stick. Using micellar water and a Q-tip, carefully clean the area around your eyes. All the essential facts of the preventive measure will be taught in the Eyelash Extension Course St Louis MO.

Keep your eyelashes tidy at all times.

Cleaning your lashes is necessary to stop dirt and debris from getting into your eyes, but you should use care. Use a safe lash extension cleanser while brushing your lashes with a spoolie or lash wand. Alternatively, you may gently wash your lashes with baby shampoo that has been diluted. Use one cup of distilled water and one teaspoon of baby shampoo daily.

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